Automatically converting books to audio

For a working example on this post, feel free to enjoy Eva’s Adevntures in Shadow-Land

Sometimes we just want to convert information from one format to another. Written information has a lot of advantages, it is easy to store, replicate and distribute; after all, civilization was founded on writing. On the other hand audio base information has existed ever since before the dawn of humanity, many animals using sound as a means for communication way before we even started to walk.

What about those who for one reason or another can not read, what about the those who can not see? We decided to open things for them a bit in this age of technology, giving them access to the works of the past by using only their ears. Thus this short piece of code that takes a book in, or any piece of text, and returns it in audio form. It is not perfect, but it is easy to replicate and run in mass.

For a glimpse to the code see in GitHub


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